20 Years Since Harry Potter Visited Hogwarts: A Glossary of Key Terms

The first Harry Potter movie’s 20th anniversary will be observed next week.

In New Delhi: It’s time to rejoice if you’re a Harry Potter lover. The first Harry Potter movie’s 20th anniversary will be observed next week. Did that make you happy? You might be organizing a Harry Potter fan gathering or simply watching the films again in the coming days. Let’s go over some Harry Potter facts that we might have forgotten as kids first. J.K. Rowling crammed her books with countless details, referring to magical concoctions, spells, and fantastical things throughout the story. They might already be well-known to some of the devoted followers out there. The Harry Potter terms you need to be familiar with are listed below.

Nine and three quarters platform

You should immediately recognize the Harry Potter reference when someone says they wish to board the train at platforms 9 and 3/4. The train to Howard’s left from the unseen platform at King’s Cross Station, which is located between Platforms 9 and 10.

The Golden Snitch, no. 2

It is a gold ball the size of a walnut with silver wings that flies quite quickly. The smallest of the three balls used in the made-up sport known as Quidditch is this one.

Wingardium levator

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, first-year students learn how to cast this levitation spell. After Hermione Granger snidely corrected Ron Weasley’s pronunciation, this spell remained in our thoughts.

Four) Boggart

A Boggart is a shape-shifting non-being that resembles the darkest dread of its observer in the Harry Potter books.

The Mirror of Erised (No. 5)

This enchanted mirror reveals the heart’s desire of the viewer. In actuality, “Erised” reads “desire” when you flip it.

Sixth) You Know Who

You might not remember this name unless you knew every detail of the Harry Potter story by memory. Lord Voldemort, the antagonist of the tale, goes by the nickname You-Know-Who.

Seven) Death Eaters

The fervent supporters of Lord Voldemort are known as Death Eaters. They practiced the Dark Arts with malice and without restraint while donning black hoods and masks.

Eight) Dementor’s Kiss

The act of a Dementor sucking the soul from a victim and leaving them in a vegetative state, like empty shells, is the subject of this phrase.

Inaccessible Forest

The Dark Forest was another name for the Forbidden Forest. It surrounded the Hogwarts School’s perimeter and held several secrets that the story will reveal as it progresses.

Whomping Willow 10.


Anyone or everything in its path would be attacked by this species of plant. On the grounds of Hogwarts School, the most well-known of these species were introduced.

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