384 new hotels are in the pipeline for Latin America.

The combined hotel development pipeline for Central and South America includes 384 hotels with 62,958 new rooms, according to the July 2014 STR Global Construction Pipeline Report.

Projects in the final planning, planning, and construction stages are included in the total under-contract data, but unconfirmed projects are not.

Three chain scale segments each had more than 20 percent of their rooms under contract: the upscale segment (23.3 percent, with 14,696 rooms); the midscale segment (22.3 percent, with 14,022 rooms); and the upper midscale segment.

With 7,289 rooms, the upscale segment accounted for 29.8 percent of the total number of rooms still being built. The midscale segment (19.8% with 4,841 rooms) and the upper midscale segment each accounted for more than 15.0 percent of the rooms currently under construction (19.7 percent with 4,820 rooms).