5 Indians Among 68 Dead In Nepal’s Worst Plane Crash In 30 Years

5 Indians Among 68 Dead In Nepal’s Worst Plane Crash In 30 Years

At least 68 humans have been showed lifeless Sunday after a aircraft with seventy two on board crashed mins earlier than touchdown in Nepal, in country’s worst aviation catastrophe in 3 decades, information company AFP stated quoting the police.

Yeti Airlines ATR-72 aircraft flew from Kathmandu to Pokhara. In this plane with 72 seats there were 68 passengers and four crew members, that is, a total of 72 people.

The plane had come close to Pokhara which crashed in just 10 seconds. before landing. According to Nepalese media, the accident happened between the former Pokhara Domestic Airport and Pokhara International Airport. This accident happened at 11:10 p.m.

The government has also set up a five-member committee to investigate the accident. Prime Minister Prachanda himself had said he would go to Pokhara to oversee the rescue operation, but the helicopter that was supposed to check on safety returned halfway due to bad weather.

After that PM Prachanda’s visit to Pokhara was cancelled. The Nepal airport authority said the plane crash was not due to the weather but to a technical error. The Airport Authority has also said that the plane’s pilot received clearance from ATC to land.

Pokhara ATC has also been cleared for landing. This airport in Pokhara in Nepal was inaugurated just 14 days ago. This accident happened at 11:10 p.m. This plane crashed in the Seti River Gorge in the Pokhara Valley. Accident, the as yet unidentified bodies are sent by helicopter to Kathmandu for DNA testing.

There were 14 foreigners on that plane, including 5 Indian nationals. Nepal Army, Armed Police, Nepal Police and local citizens are taking part in the rescue operation. He stopped after the operation, which lasted late into the night. Nepal’s well-known folk singer Neera Chhantyal was also on board the plane. Singer Neera Chhantyal wanted to attend a concert organized in Pokhara.

In such a situation, Neera Chhantyal also died in the plane crash. A month ago, Neera Chhantyal shared her new video on YouTube. She wasn’t very active on social media. But he used to share his singing videos on YouTube.

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