630 new hotels are planned for development in the Middle East and Africa.

According to the Middle East-Africa hotel region’s 630 hotels under contract, there is 147,754 rooms total, according to the July 2014 STR Global Construction Pipeline Report.

The data on projects that are under the contract includes those that are In Construction, in Final Planning, and in Planning, but excludes those that are Unconfirmed.

With 53,794 rooms, the Upper Upscale segment of the Chain Scale accounts for the greatest percentage of rooms under contract in the area (36.4%). Three additional segments each accounted for more than 10% of the rooms under contract: the Upscale segment (18.6%, or 27,431 rooms), the Luxury segment (18.5%), and the Unaffiliated segment (10.0%, or 27,264 rooms).

With 25,337 rooms, the Upper Upscale segment had the most rooms under construction (37.3%), followed by the Luxury segment (21.4%) and the Upscale segment (14,559 rooms).