70 percent | Republicans as a whole (70%) don’t believe the election was fair and free.

70 percent | Republicans as a whole (70%) don’t believe the election was fair and free.

After the result was declared on Saturday, the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll revealed that Republicans had less faith in the electoral process while Democrats had more.

According to a recent POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, Republicans’ confidence in the electoral process decreased when the Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s victory was declared, while Democrats’ confidence increased.

After four days of counting in numerous swing states, several brand-new organizations declared Biden the victor on Saturday. In response to the revelation, 70 percent of Republicans now say they don’t think the 2020 election was fair and free, a sharp increase from the 35 percent of GOP supporters who believed this before the election. Democrats, many of whom flocked to the streets to celebrate Biden’s victory on Saturday, saw a rise in confidence in the electoral process during this time. Democrats now agree that the election was free and fair, up from 52% who believed it would be before November 3rd.

72 percent of those who thought ballots were tampered with and 78 percent of those who thought the election wasn’t free and fair thought mail-in voting contributed to widespread voter fraud. Both of these assertions have frequently appeared on the president’s Twitter thread. 84 percent of those who believed the election was unfair agreed with President Donald Trump that Biden was helped.

Republicans now view the election results with greater skepticism due to their lack of confidence in the electoral process. Before election day, only 18% of Republicans expressed the opinion that the results would be inaccurate; now, 64% do so in light of Biden’s victory. Democrats, in contrast, say they trust the findings 86% of the time.

The results from swing states, especially Pennsylvania, where votes were counted for four days before giving Biden a clear victory on Saturday, particularly alarmed Republicans. Compared to the 8% of Democrats who shared these views, 62% of Republicans said the Pennsylvania results would not be credible.

Wisconsin (55%) is among the states with the highest levels of distrust, followed by Nevada (54%), Georgia (54%), and Arizona (54%). (52 percent). The Trump campaign, which has brought more than a dozen lawsuits in states like Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, and Georgia since Election Day, has notably contributed to the suspicion. Nevada is turning out to be a sewer, Trump continues to tweet two days after the race was declared for Biden. “Pennsylvania stopped us from viewing most of the Ballot count,” and “of Fake Votes.”

Republicans don’t believe in the results, but they disagree on whether the conclusion will alter. Republicans are divided on whether the results will be overturned, with 38% believing it will happen and 45% saying it is unlikely.

The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, which surveyed 1,987 registered voters, was conducted from November 6 to 9. While most interviews took place after the formal call, several were conducted before it. A 2 percentage point margin of sampling error applies.

Morning Consult is a worldwide data intelligence company that daily polls tens of thousands of individuals all around the world to provide insights into what people are thinking in real-time. The following two documents contain more information about the survey and its methodology: Toplines | Crosstabs

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