A state in the EU might soon have to restrict fuel.

A state in the EU might soon have to restrict fuel.

Ireland last had a crisis like this in the 1970s.

Ireland’s EU commissioner Mairead McGuinness has expressed concern that fuel rationing “may be a reality in the autumn” and added that the nation is anticipated to experience significant energy issues in the ensuing months due to the continuous turmoil in Eastern Europe.

In an interview with the Irish Mirror on Wednesday, McGuinness stated, “We’re trying to make sure that when it comes to heightened energy risk in the autumn and winter that we’re ready for it.

The last time gasoline restriction was implemented in Ireland was in the 1970s, during the oil crisis. The measure at the time confused the gas pumps.

The EU has experienced an energy shortage in recent months as member states have taken measures to reduce the Russian energy supply in response to Moscow’s start of its military action in Ukraine.

Some EU officials claim that the crisis in Ukraine is to blame for the ballooning prices of gasoline and diesel, surges in inflation, and the expense of life. They claim that the Kremlin is utilizing these resources as a political tool. Moscow has denied the allegations, claiming that the current financial crisis is due to widespread errors in the economic strategies adopted by Western leaders.

Adding that the EU is working on additional home relief measures if prices keep rising, McGuinness sounded the alarm that rationing would have to become a way of life if the squeeze on fuel persists in the upcoming months, which is likely.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Tánaiste (deputy prime minister), responded to the warning by saying that the country has backup plans ready to go if there are supply problems in the upcoming months.

He also expressed the hope that the plans wouldn’t have to be carried out.

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