Abrams georgia | In his Georgia speech, Obama praises Abrams and criticises Kemp on voting rights.

Abrams georgia | In his Georgia speech, Obama praises Abrams and criticises Kemp on voting rights.

ATHENS — Barack Obama, a former president, joined the chorus of Democrats slamming Georgia Republican Brian Kemp for his voting rights record and contrasting Kemp with Democrat Stacey Abrams, whom the president referred to as the “most experienced, most qualified candidate in this election.”

A few days before the midterm elections, as Georgia prepares for a tight governor race, Obama made the remarks in front of a crowded audience at Morehouse College on Friday night.

The former president, who is currently traveling the nation to campaign for Democratic candidates in this year’s election, spoke with a notably raspy voice. Obama linked Kemp to congressional Republicans while standing next to Abrams, claiming that both are attempting to “take away the right to vote” and disenfranchise Americans. He referred to the several lawsuits about voting rights brought against Kemp, claiming that the Republican had already been caught “multiple times” attempting to restrict Georgians’ right to vote.

How are you trying to actively stop your state’s inhabitants from exercising their most fundamental rights? Obama turned to Abrams and stated, “She is the most experienced, most qualified candidate in this,” in between booing from the audience.

The event’s overarching subject was voting rights. Similar cautions about Kemp and the national Republicans were voiced earlier in the evening by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder stated that there has been a “systematic effort” to undermine our democracy and deny voting rights to people who hold different political opinions.

In his speech, Obama also shifted the subject to health care reform. He claimed that Republicans urgently fought for eight years to abolish Obamacare, especially the provisions for those with prior diseases.

Obama stated, “So now that it’s election season, Republicans are out there running advertisements saying we’re going to protect you if you have pre-conditions. They voted to repeal it several times, after all.

Obama remarked, “Not only will they not accept responsibility for their actions. “All of a sudden, they claim that they are responsible for protecting those with prior conditions. Everyone should take attention to this, please. In actuality, they have been acting in opposition. Comparable to calling black white It necessitates a certain amount of guts.

Obama did not specifically identify Kemp, but he did state that if elected, he would not expand Medicaid, which Abrams has made a cornerstone of her program.

Obama stated, “Stacey’s opponent claims he won’t do it.” “Stacey has pledged to fulfill her promise. She’ll increase Medicaid eligibility.

After that, he returned to his native area and made fun of Kemp for declining to debate Abrams on Sunday. President Donald Trump held a rally in Macon for Georgia Republicans at the same time as the debate.

Obama stated, “I saw her opponent pull out of a debate. What is he scared of? He probably fears Stacey.

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