According to the director, Robert Pattinson is “Batman Struggling To Become A Better Batman.”

According to the director, Robert Pattinson is “Batman Struggling To Become A Better Batman.”

Matt Reeves stated, “I wanted to see Batman (as someone) who is fighting to become a better Batman.”

New Delhi: Superheroes typically stand for kindness and hope, but not Batman’s most recent film incarnation. According to “The Batman” director Matt Reeves, this character is “emblematic of revenge” and someone who is trying to improve themselves.

Those who grew up with Batman comics, TV series, and the numerous films based on him will witness a fresh new take on DC’s tormented hero in Reeves’ upcoming movie about the covert identity of Gotham city nobleman Bruce Wayne. Robert Pattinson plays the “world’s greatest detective” in this film.

“I deliberately decided that he would represent retribution in this iteration. I envisioned him as a young Batman who is still perplexed by the identity of Batman throughout his first few years. He had not yet arrived at the point where he could serve as a symbol of optimism because this was all virtually happening in his shadow side “During a Zoom interview from Los Angeles, the director told PTI.

The movie is set in Batman’s second year of battling crime and follows the superhero as he hunts down the Riddler (Paul Dano), a serial killer who preys on Gotham’s finest.

According to Reeves, this Batman scares the citizens of Gotham as well as the city’s criminal underworld.

“They are curious about the identity of the vigilante who is enforcing the law on his own, which is a terrifying thought. Reeves, known for “Let Me In” and the “Planet of the Apes,” said, “The movie takes you along a path where you start to question whether that’s enough and he has an epiphany where he is compelled to change “adds franchise.

The “Batman: Year One” comic book, written by Frank Miller and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli, claimed the director’s inspiration and gave the movie a “groundedness” akin to a Martin Scorsese production.

Reeves claimed that Miller informed Mazzucchelli in the comic’s anniversary edition notes that in one moment Bruce appeared to have just won a Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro’s character from the timeless “Taxi Driver”) look-alike competition.

The director of “The Batman” cited 1970s movies like “Klute” and “All the President’s Men” by Alan J. Pakula, “Chinatown” by Roman Polanski, and “The French Connection” by William Friedkin alongside cinematographer Greig Fraser as influences.

“The film was texturally influenced by gritty neo-noir police thrillers from the 1970s, which oddly felt in tune with the comics. We used an anamorphic (lens) to shoot the movie to give it a somewhat classic vibe.” Batman, who was created by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane, will turn 83 in March, but Reeves’ interest in the character dates back to when he was “about three.”

The 55-year-old claimed that Adam West’s television series, not the Batman comics, was how he first became familiar with the superhero.

I was enamored with Batman when I was a child because I was born in 1966, the year the TV show aired. The bond between the two was so strong that Reeves once informed his parents that while suffering from a fever, he “saw” the superhero on the ceiling of his room.

“When I told my father that Batman was on the ceiling, he asked, “Are you afraid?” It’s Batman, I said. I’ve felt a strong connection since a very young age. I enjoy watching movies, and of course, after doing some research before writing, I’ve grown to appreciate comic books as well (the film). I have read so many comics that I simply cannot count them.” The filmmaker expressed his excitement that the team had the opportunity to work on this Warner Bros. movie, calling Batman a “unique figure” with a strong legendary element that persists and has been translated into numerous interpretations.

The most recent Batman movie pairing is between Reeves and Pattinson. Tim Burton, Joel Schumacher, Zack Snyder, and Christopher Nolan have all offered their interpretations of the superhero over the years. Additionally, the masked vigilante has been portrayed by celebrities including Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Christian Bale.

But this one looks to be unique.

According to Reeves, this adaptation stands apart since it does not tell the superhero’s origin narrative.

He claims that “The Batman” provides a window into the depraved Gotham City that has been overrun by numerous enemies, including The Riddler (Dano), The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro), and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz).

“I like to portray Batman as someone who is trying to improve as a superhero. And I wanted him to do that even while he investigated crimes that would help reveal the reality about how rotten Gotham is. Going down all of these different back alleys seems like something out of a Warner Bros. mafia movie to me. You’ll witness the beginnings of all the Rogues Gallery characters, though it wasn’t his origin.” Along with this movie, HBO Max is developing a spin-off series based on Farrell’s Penguin, on which Reeves serves as producer.

When asked if they were approaching a “Batverse,” he responded, “That is the hope.” “I intended to create a movie that could stand alone as an experience. Because you never know if you’ll get to make chapter two, you don’t plan to make chapter one.

“The notion to create this Penguin story came about as a result of bringing all these characters to life. To develop his persona in a way that is almost “Scarface-like” in length is quite interesting. I’m hoping that this is the start of a Batverse, but I won’t know for sure until viewers arrive.” The longest project Reeves has ever worked on took him five years to complete, so the pressure to perform is quite intense.

“It’s impossible to ignore the pressure! It’s intimate. You can only wait, though. It’s both thrilling and unsettling.” On March 4, the movie will open in theatres in India.

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