Actor Kal Penn reveals he is gay and announces his engagement to his longtime partner.

Actor Kal Penn announces his engagement to his longtime lover and comes out as gay

Kal Penn has come out as gay and is getting ready to launch his book You Can’t Be Serious in New Delhi. In a recent interview with People, the actor discussed his relationship, his parents’ reactions, and his upcoming nuptials. Josh has been Kal Penn’s partner for 11 years and they are currently engaged. Kal is 44 years old. The actor admitted to Individuals that he found out he was gay far later than the majority of people. “Compared to many other individuals, I only really came to terms with my sexuality recently. There is no timetable for this. I’m pleased I did when I did because different people figure their s*** out at different periods in their lives.”

The star of Namesake said, “I felt incredibly supported” when I told my parents. First, he says, “I shared things with my parents and close friends.” Added he, “I know this sounds sarcastic, but it’s true: after telling your South Asian community and Indian parents that you want to work as an actor, having subsequent talks is pretty straightforward. They simply say, “Yeah, okay.” I felt like everyone was really behind me. That’s a fantastic development. I realize everyone’s experiences with it are unique, so I consider myself all-star blessed “Kal Penn was quoted as saying.

When discussing his upcoming nuptials, the actor remarked, “It goes without saying that a man and I are engaged, and our families will attend the wedding. The current point of contention is whether the wedding will be large or small. The lavish Indian wedding is what I want. Josh despises attention. Alternatively, we may undertake a fast activity with our families for just 20 minutes. Therefore, we must meet in the middle.”

The Harold and Kumar movie series, Designated Survivor, and House all-star Kal Penn. The 1998 short film Express: Aisle To Glory served as Kal Penn’s acting debut. He appeared in several other films, including Speech and Debate and The Girl in the Photographs. In addition, he has made brief appearances in several sitcoms, including The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. He also worked for the Barack Obama administration for two years in the White House.

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