An Epic Dune Reunion And More Inside Photos From The Oscars 2022

An Epic Dune Reunion And More Inside Photos From The Oscars 2022

Enter the 94th Academy Awards here.

In New Delhi: There were so many noteworthy Oscar moments this year. Jason Momoa also seemed to concur with us. Jason Momoa uploaded several release images on Monday, mainly depicting the highlights of the 94th Academy Awards, a short while after the ceremony had ended. The post includes all, including Denis Villeneuve, Penélope Cruz, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Javier Bardem in addition to Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. The greatest way Jason Momoa could have said it while posting the photographs from the Oscars 2022 was, “What a night. What a privilege… aloha J.

In the first picture, Jason Momoa, who gained notoriety after the ceremony for laughing uncontrollably while accepting the Best Sound Editing award, is pictured alongside Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and director Denis Villeneuve. Dune won six Oscars for its outstanding visual effects and cinematography. Ten categories nominated the movie.

We saw Zoe Kravitz on one of the slides. We heard something cute, huh? Providing some background information on Jason Momoa and Zoe’s romance. The Aquaman actor was married to Lisa Bonet, Zoe’s mother, for nearly five years. In a joint statement released earlier this year, the two had revealed the news of their separation. Zoe is Lisa Bonet’s first marriage-born child.

Then, we got our hands on a silly photo of Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin from the movie Dune. Observe that pout. Can anybody else do it as well as Josh? No, we believe. Josh portrays Gurney Halleck in the film Dune, one of the most well-known fictional characters from Frank Herbert’s book of the same name. The release day for the movie was October 22, 2021.

In addition to Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, the Academy Awards CD also includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Penélope Cruz, her husband-actor Javier Bardem, Francis Ford Coppola, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. Jason Momoa, I appreciate you giving me this lovely gift.

Not only did actor Jason Momoa give us a glimpse into the Academy Awards in 2022, but also actress Madina Talipbek. She has shared photos of herself with a variety of celebrities, including Rami Malek, Shawn Mendes, Jamie Dornan, and Jacob Elordi.

A fan page, meanwhile, brightened our day. Zendaya, Andrew Garfield, and Benedict Cumberbatch all appeared on the album. We can readily conclude from looking over the pictures that it was all fun.

This year at the Oscars, CODA came out on top, taking home three of the biggest prizes. The English version of the 2014 French film La Famille Belier, which was directed by Sian Heder, received Academy Awards for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor for Troy Kotsur, a hearing-impaired actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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