Art news | According to organisers, the Banksy exhibition portrays the story of an anonymous artist.

Art news | According to organisers, the Banksy exhibition portrays the story of an anonymous artist.

The goal of an exhibition of “iconic artworks” is to demonstrate to viewers how Banksy “become the most talked about artist in contemporary history,” according to the event’s organizers.

In Salford, The Art of Banksy will debut in October and feature 145 works, including well-known ones like Girl with Balloon (2002).

It will be kept in a temporary building that is 1,200 square metersorganizers in size.

It was an opportunity, according to the organizers, to view the works that “gave the nameless artist international renown.”

One of the most well-known artists in the world, Banksy, gained notoriety in the early 1990s with stenciled drawings throughout Bristol. However, despite having a large global fan base, the artist’s identity is still unknown.

The “guerrilla street artist” has a huge fan base that includes A-list celebrities despite being frequently characterized by the media as “elusive” and “secretive.”

The show, which spent a year in London before moving to MediaCityUK, was not approved by the well-known graffiti artist, and all of the pieces were given on loan by private collectors.

Along with Girl with Balloon (2002), other well-known pieces such as Flower Thrower (2003), in which a teenage demonstrator throws a bouquet, and Rude Copper (2002), which shows a police officer holding out his middle finger, will be on display.

Brace Yourself (2010) will also be included, a gift that Banksy gave to the band formerly known as Exit Through the Gift Shop in exchange for the right to use their name as the title of a movie.

Visitors will be able to “view the iconic artworks that gained the anonymous artist international renown,” according to the exhibition’s organizers, and learn how Banksy “become the most talked-about artist in contemporary history.”

They continued by saying that viewers would be able to “examine the ability of art to impact social change, inspire the public, and lay bare the undercurrents of social issues with understated wit” through the collection.

The exhibition, which is on display in Salford from October 21 through January 8, has also been shown in Melbourne, Chicago, San Francisco, Sydney, Washington, DC, Boston, Tel Aviv, Auckland, Toronto, Miami, and Gothenburg.

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