At the red carpet premiere for season 5, “Yellowstone” stars dazzle and reveal season 5 surprises.

At the red carpet premiere for season 5, “Yellowstone” stars dazzle and reveal season 5 surprises.

The fifth season premiere of Yellowstone was celebrated by the cast of Paramount’s top show, and they rocked the red carpet like real rockstars.

A few members of the ensemble gathered a little over a week before the release of the much-awaited new episodes to recognize their labor of love and to celebrate the emotional and thrilling fifth run. The group was immaculately attired as they discussed the series, wearing everything from sheer dresses to jackets and ties. They’ve spent four seasons together and have developed into their own family, and fans adore how close they are off-screen.

Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton), Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton), and Gil Birmingham provided some of their insider knowledge to Variety (Chief Thomas Rainwater).

John Dutton, according to Birmingham, will serve his interests as a governor. Birmingham’s remark regarding Dutton’s new position is a reference to how their relationship changed in season five, and it doesn’t sound favorable.

Speaking of John, Bentley just declared that if he were to run for politics, he would support Kevin Costner, despite Jamie’s lack of confidence in John Dutton’s ability to serve as governor.

When Bentley is questioned about John Dutton, a distinct Jamie-like quality emerges, and his venomous response is palpable. For the son, who feels like the family’s glorified mule, saying that John’s favorite pastime is shooting himself in the foot, is extremely on-brand.

The huge secret is that Jamie and Beth’s once-love-hate relationship has transformed into something even darker, according to Bentley, who also revealed where viewers will find Jamie and Beth in season 5. Regardless of your position, the way he expresses it makes you feel something in your heart.

The fact that Bentley acknowledges Jamie’s lost love for her as well as the fact that Beth despises him surprised us. What remains of him

Grimes’ remarks about how fortunate he feels to be a part of Yellowstone brought our already-heightened emotions down a notch or two. From being just a television show, it has grown into a major phenomenon in the entertainment industry.

Everything Grimes says is accurate; Yellowstone is captivating and has something to captivate any audience. The setting and the characters that quickly catch your attention make you fall in love before the plot. From then, some of the most hated characters—though not all of them—have started to show some redeeming qualities. In Yellowstone, some evil is just that—evil.

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