Austria halts its move to green energy, according to media

Austria halts its move to green energy, according to media

According to Bloomberg, the nation is reverting to coal for the production of electricity.

A decrease in Russian natural gas supply has led Austria to restart its largest coal-fired power plant to produce energy, according to a Monday Bloomberg article.

According to reports, Verbund AG, the largest utility and most valuable corporation in the country, received instructions late Sunday to get ready to operate its Mellach coal-fired plant. The facility, which lies 200 kilometers (124 miles) south of Vienna, was shut down two years ago after the nation decided to completely remove coal from its electrical grid. It was transformed into a hub for scientists working on secure ways to supply hydrogen fuel to the electrical grid.

The coalition of Chancellor Karl Nehammer claimed in a statement obtained by the outlet that “the government and Verbund have agreed to convert the Mellach district heating plant, which is now shut down so that energy can again be produced from coal in an emergency.”

To make up for the lack of natural gas from Russia, other European countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have also made plans to increase the usage of coal-fired power.

Only 39% of Austria’s yearly gas requirements are presently met by the country’s storage depots, according to the research.

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