Battleground states | DLCC plans to invest $16 million in battleground states this autumn.

Battleground states | DLCC plans to invest $16 million in battleground states this autumn.

The late blitz will raise the amount spent by the Democrats’ national committee, which is charged with winning state legislative contests, to $35 million.

To flip state legislative chambers and make progress in other areas, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee expects to invest $16 million this fall in crucial contests.

According to the DLCC, its most recent proposal is to increase its political expenditure for the cycle to $35 million, a significant increase over the $10 million it spent in 2010. It’s a record for the group as Democrats consider the significance of the redistricting fights that will take place the next year following their post-2010 annihilation.

This year, the Democratic party has contributed to approximately 600 races, but its extra funding will be concentrated on 17 states that are considered to be competitive, including Arizona, Iowa, Texas, and Minnesota.

“Thanks to tremendous financing and declining GOP poll ratings, we’re on the offensive this year. The DLCC’s president, Jessica Post, said, “For years, we worked with state partners to establish a strong local infrastructure that will be the key to our victory in November.

Post is still pleading with Democratic donors to increase their contributions in the last weeks before the election to support competitive contests that are up against well-funded Republican candidates.

Quite appropriately, Democratic funders are concentrating their attention on the US Senate. However, Post said that “funds go so much further at our level of the vote, and we’re hopeful that many of them will go to our level of the ballot in these closing weeks.

According to its FEC report, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raised $26.9 million last month. And that was before Democratic Senate candidates saw a sudden surge in donations after the passing last week of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Other outside Democratic organizations and super PACs are intervening to support crucial states in the meantime. To target tough contests in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas, Forward Majority, a super PAC dedicated to aiding Democrats to win state elections, said earlier this month that it will spend $15 million.

Democrats continue to focus their attention on Arizona because they need to gain two seats to flip the state House and three to take over the state Senate. Democrats also need to win nine seats in Texas’ state house, six seats in North Carolina’s state house, and five seats in North Carolina’s state senate. Republicans firmly dominate both chambers of the legislature in Florida, but Democratic parties have To reduce GOP dominance, several elections were targeted.

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