Bernie sanders | Sanders and Booker disagree in their MLK remarks.

Bernie sanders | Sanders and Booker disagree in their MLK remarks.

THE COLUMBIA, S.C. Sens. Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders addressed hundreds of primarily black rally attendees on Monday in the first Southern state to cast 2020 ballots, but they did so in two very different ways.

At the state capitol’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day rally in Columbia, Sanders made direct mention of the racial income gap, the infant death rate for black children, and voter suppression among people of color. Additionally, he referred to Donald Trump as a “racist.”

The United States currently has a president who has accomplished something that no other president in recent history has, according to Sanders. “A president’s job is to unite us, not divide us. And our president is actively attempting to separate us based on things like our gender, where we were born, our religion, and the color of our skin.

According to Booker, the country’s legal system favors the “wealthy and guilty” more than the “poor and innocent.” However, he generally reiterated King’s message, speaking in broader terms about the value of unity, having “courageous empathy,” and acting on dissatisfaction, a concept King emphasized in his 1967 “Where Do We Go From Here?” speech.

According to Booker, “We live in a society that is being lured by celebrity and forgets that importance is more essential than celebrity, that purpose is more vital than popularity, and that we cannot be a country that loves power more than it loves people.” “We are not happy. We should not be taking a break in our nation at this time. The job is not finished.

Their various pitches demonstrated how far along their prospective campaigns are in this state, where African-Americans make up about 60% of Democratic primary voters. Booker, who was described as the rally’s major draw, appeared to be attempting to speak to a larger segment of the population than was reflected in the audience by using more aspirational language. Sanders was more forthright, stating at

According to Democratic state representative Jerry Govan, Booker’s Monday presence was simpler, but Sanders’ was more significant because he attended more public engagements and planned to remain in the state longer than his Senate colleague.

Govan, the leader of the Legislative Black Caucus in South Carolina, stated, “I think both of their statements struck a chord with the audience.” “I believe they were both warmly received. It’s still too early to declare a winner or a loss, in my opinion, because just by their participation, I believe both of them to have won. I’m sure they both knew how much I enjoyed hearing from them.

“This is not simply material. Is there an interest in completing this? Sanders enquired, expressing his thoughts as he considered running for president again. The loud “yes” from the crowd was the response.

However, he acknowledged that running for president is “difficult stuff.” “I’m going to be traveling the country and talking to folks to see whether there is that willingness because if we move forward, we’re going to take on every significant special interest in this nation,” the speaker said.

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