Bill de blasio | De Blasio hasn’t ruled out running in 2020

Bill de blasio | De Blasio hasn’t ruled out running in 2020

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio isn’t ruling out the prospect of running for president in 2020, but he is remaining focused on the position he now has represented the people of New York City.

De Blasio said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, “I’m focused on the job I have, but I’ve also been incredibly clear.

About his recent State of the City address, where he said that there is plenty of money to go around but that it has been “trapped in the wrong hands,” he continued, “I’m going to disseminate this message because this should be the idea of the Democratic party.”

De Blasio declined to declare whether he will run for president the next year, but he did claim that the Democratic Party is going through an identity crisis on what it should stand for.

“Listen, our party is currently engaged in a serious discussion, and there are still many moderate voices inside the party who did not learn the lessons of 2016 and are not paying attention to what people in this nation need,” he stated. Therefore, I want to encourage the entire party and enlighten the national conversation about how much further we could go.

You never know what might happen, so I never rule anything out. De Blasio told Tapper, “Life brings. However, I’m concentrating on my current tasks and disseminating this message.

There are a lot of deserving candidates out there, he said about other New York Democrats who might seek the Democratic candidacy, but voters should prioritize messaging and beliefs over everything else.

My point is the message and notion that we ought to be discussing, he declared. “Our party hasn’t reached a consensus yet, and there’s still, in my opinion, a lack of realization that if tens of millions of people are wounded, we’re not speaking to them,” the author said.

De Blasio also admitted that Trump had done a good job of noting that, at least economically, “people were suffering [and] their lives were getting tougher, not easier” back in 2016.

Democrats must consider how to make improvements for the coming generation and what needs to change, he said.

De Blasio stated that “the prospects for the next generation were looking worse than the one before.” “And we need to make this party back into the party of the working class. If we’re unable to admit that the wealthy have abused the system, we won’t be able to accomplish it. The system is corrupt.

Tell individuals what concrete things we will do for them after that. When I tell the typical American, “We’re going to fix the health care problem, one of the largest expenses of your life, and bring you guaranteed health care, a means to have time off with your family,” they respond with hope. If Democrats fought for something.

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