Top Model and Actress Caught in Sex Racket

The Crime Branch on Friday arrested a 32-year-old model from a luxury hotel in Juhu. The crime branch told that this model was running a sex racket. In which TV actors and models  involved.

sex rocket busted by mumbai crime branch

A 32-year-old model arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch in Juhu. Arrested from Five Star Hotel. This model  accused of running a sex racket. According to Crime Branch officials, this model had included TV actors and models in her racket. At the same time, two other actresses also rescued.

Crime Branch Made Such a Plan

Immediately a crime branch official called from Isha Khan posing as a fake customer. Said that me and my friend want top models. Isha Khan sent many photos on WhatsApp. The crime branch officer selected the photos of two girls. Of these, one has acted in many commercials and the other has acted in many TV serials.

The Rate of Two lakh Tupees was Fixed for Two Hours.

Isha Khan settled a deal of Rs 2 lakh per girl for two hours. In these two lakh rupees, there was talk of giving 50 thousand rupees to Khan. Whereas the two girls who were selected From the amount received from the customers, one and a half lakh rupees would  given to them by Isha Khan.

Name of the Arrested Model

According to the report of Free Press Journal. The name of the arrested 32-year-old model is Isha Khan. He is accused of allegedly running a sex racket. A TV actress and another model  caught during the raid.

What did the Model and Actress say in the Interrogation?

Model and TV actress told The shooting of commercials and TV serials  stopped due to the lockdown caused by Corona. That’s why she came into this business.

Arrested Women in Police Custody

Police say that They have registered a case under sections related to the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act. and  handed over to Santacruz Police Station. Police will further investigate the matter. The arrested women sent to Mankhurd remand home.

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