Brad Pitt’s retirement statement: “I’m not getting out by any means”

Brad Pitt’s retirement statement: “I’m not getting out by any means”

Bard Pitt commented, “It seems that might have been construed as a proclamation of retirement.”

As he made his way to Paris for the premiere of his Jackie Chan-inspired action romp Bullet Train, Brad Pitt put an end to rumors that he was about to retire. After stating in a GQ interview last month that he was in the “final semester” of his acting career, the 58-year-old has fans concerned that his days in the industry may be numbered. However, Pitt reassured AFP, “I’m not leaving by any means.” “It appears that may have been interpreted as a retirement statement. I wasn’t saying that he clarified.

“I’ve passed the middle-age hump and am now considering my final leg… What will I do with that time? You’ve made enough mistakes by the time you reach my age, so there is comfort in using that kind of knowledge.”

Pitt tries something different in the action comedy Bullet Train, directed by John Wick’s David Leitch, and set for global release over the next two weeks.

Pitt performs the role of a reluctant hitman fending off opponents aboard a Japanese train. “It’s a lot more enjoyable than a typical punch-up. It’s full of personality and humor “added he.

I cannot express my admiration for Jackie Chan and what he has accomplished enough. This is something I had never done before.

Pitt’s upcoming film, Babylon, which centers on Hollywood’s Golden Age, is being directed by Damien Chazelle (La La Land).

That will put him up with Margot Robbie once more; the two previously appeared together in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which earned Pitt an Oscar in 2020.

But Pitt claimed that working on production for his company Plan B gives him a special sense of satisfaction.

The Departed, Twelve Years a Slave, and Moonlight are three of the company’s best picture Oscar winners, and it will shortly release the highly anticipated Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde.

“I’m incredibly pleased with the productive work we’ve been able to do. You may take part in narratives, and support emerging talent, “added said.

Pitt is less devoted to the nostalgia of movie theatres than other well-known actors, such as Tom Cruise.

“Because making and marketing movies became so expensive, there was no room for anything save enormous tent-pole movies or incredibly small, intimate pictures. This is why I admire the dichotomy between streaming and going to the theatre. Streamers have given it a wider audience, “added he.

Pitt nonetheless remarked that he had just enjoyed seeing Elvis at a movie theatre. Pitt had high praise for the movie’s leading man, Austin Butler, saying, “I think he’s going to do an amazing job.”

“Returning to the location was a tonne of fun. There is room for both.”

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