BTS | BTS is the Primary Cause of the Hallyu Wave in India, According to Korean Dost’s Min and Hoon Exclus

BTS | BTS is the Primary Cause of the Hallyu Wave in India, According to Korean Dost’s Min and Hoon Exclus

Min and Hoon, also known as Korean Dost on Instagram and YouTube, are South Korean social media influencers who think that BTS is to blame for the increase in awareness of Korean culture, K-pop, and K-drama in India. The pair is well-known for their reaction films and is presently on their second visit to India. They take in Indian movies, music, and trailers and post their thoughts on them on social media.

Recently, Min and Hoon spoke with News18 Showsha about how they had noticed that more people were now aware of South Korea and that the majority of them associated South Korea with BTS. “We questioned people in our street interview (on Friday, August 5) if they were familiar with Korea. We believe that people now know more about South Korea, particularly about BTS,” they claimed.

“It’s almost miraculous. We’ve heard that it’s quite difficult to get into the Indian music market, therefore the fact that BTS topped the charts there is truly legendary. We never anticipated that Indians would enjoy Korean culture this much before BTS, but it is happening “they both added. “They were familiar with the musicians and the tunes, “they claimed.

Hoon emphasized that the pandemic has also been crucial in giving people the time and space to discover South Korean television and music. “We heard that many people started watching K-drama and listening to K-pop during the pandemic. Now that we are here, we wanted to see it (personally),” Hoon said. “So many of our subscribers started informing us that more and more people are loving Korean culture.

For more than three years, Min and Hoon have been making videos about India. With a reaction video to Enni Soni from Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s movie Saaho, the pair made a modest start. The pair reflected on their journey and recalled how it had allowed them to tour India while they were in Seoul.

“Before we began, we were only children. We thought of the idea for the YouTube channel while attending the same institution. Enni Soni was our first choice. Despite our many blunders, we have improved greatly since then “stated Min. Even before we launched our channel, we enjoyed recording videos and taking images. Therefore, I believe that learning more about India and its culture was the right move “Added Hoon.

Min and Hoon traveled through New Delhi and even stopped in Agra, where they viewed the Taj Mahal, during their last trip to India. They intend to explore a few locations both inside and outside of Mumbai on their second trip. The pair traveled to the Colaba neighborhood in South Mumbai on their first day together and visited a variety of establishments.

We visited the Colaba neighborhood, the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal and Colaba markets, the Leopold Cafe, and Bade Miyan as well. We are foodies who adore Indian cuisine. We ate Biryani and kababs. It was incredible,” the two said together. They were also observed going to Shah Rukh Khan’s Bandra home, Mannat. They intend to travel to Nashik after visiting Mumbai.

Through their channel, Min and Hoon have frequently proclaimed their love for Bollywood. So much so that Yami Gautam also gave them a shoutout. They enthusiastically respond “yes” when asked if they would take a call from Bollywood if given the opportunity.

“It will be a matter of honor if they take us. We envision what it would be like if we made a modest appearance in Bollywood projects every time we watch an Indian song, trailer, or movie, they chuckle. Additionally, they state that, given the chance, they would like to collaborate with Aamir Khan and Shraddha Kapoor, even on a minor project.

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