Business news | Spain and Portugal’s Heat Wave Forecast Increases Wildfire Concern

Business news | Spain and Portugal’s Heat Wave Forecast Increases Wildfire Concern

Spain is poised to experience its second heat wave in less than a month, and it will persist at least through the weekend, according to weather analysts.

(AP) MADRID — According to weather predictors, Spain’s second heat wave in less than a month and Portugal’s first heat wave of the year are both likely to linger at least through the weekend. The forecast increased wildfire concerns because temperatures in both countries were already high.

Temperatures could be highest in Portugal. On Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures in the central Alentejo region are predicted to reach 46 C (115 F).

Southern Spanish cities like Cordoba and Seville, according to Spain’s State Meteorological Agency, might reach 42 C. (107.6 F). Northwest Spain’s Pontevedra, which is less accustomed to such intense temperatures, may reach a record-breaking 41 C. (105.8 F).

The Iberian Peninsula’s temperatures are rising above their typical highs, according to meteorologists, due to an overheated mass of air and warm African breezes.

Authorities warned that the threat could escalate because of the extreme heat as Portugal and Spain began the week combating several wildfires in both countries.

Due to a wildfire that torched over 2,500 hectares close to Las Hurdes in the central-western Extremadura area, civil protection authorities in Spain assisted 400 individuals in their evacuation from seven different settlements (6,200 acres).

Begonia Garcia Bernal, regional agricultural chief, stated that it was unlikely the Monday-starting fire would be put out anytime soon. She claimed that lightning seems to have ignited it.

100 troops from the Spanish army’s emergency squad were sent to assist 300 firefighters and other firefighting teams in putting out the fire.

In Portugal, hundreds of firefighters worked to put out fires that caused the evacuation of dozens of residents, especially from the villages near Santarem and Pombal.

Portugal’s government issued a state of increased alert on Saturday, which was scheduled to last from Monday through Friday. Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa postponed a trip to Mozambique this week due to the threat of more fires. Additionally, President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa postponed a trip to New York to attend a UN gathering.

According to the European Union, the continent is currently experiencing one of its worst years of natural disasters like droughts and wildfires.

The first heat wave in nearly 40 years was reportedly observed in Spain in mid-June and lasted for a full week.

Helena Alves, an AP video journalist, reported from Lisbon, Portugal.

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