Check over | Reality check: Castro criticises Sanders for implementing slave reparations

Check over | Reality check: Castro criticises Sanders for implementing slave reparations

Julián Castro, a Democratic contender for president, expresses reservations about Bernie Sanders’ response to calls for reparations for former slaves’ ancestors.

The former secretary of housing and urban development and mayor of San Antonio have joined other 2020 Democratic candidates in advocating for reparations for those who were born into slavery, whether through tax credits, financial aid for schooling, or something else entirely. In his unsuccessful 2016 presidential bid, Sanders criticized the concept of reparations, and he has continued to hold that position in his current presidential campaign.

Castro stated on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, “What [Sanders] said on ‘The View,’ I guess, the other day was that he didn’t think the best approach to address this was for the United States to send a check. That might or might not be the best approach, in my opinion.

Castro has stated that, if elected, he will form a task force or commission to investigate all options for making restitutions and choose the best course of action.

Castro said of Sanders, “I find it intriguing that the attitude has been, ‘We need to write a big check,’ when it comes to ‘Medicare for All,’ health care. “The response has always been, “We need to make a hefty check,” when it comes to tuition-free or debt-free college.”

In light of this, Castro stated, “I don’t think the argument about writing a huge check ought to be the case that you make if you’re making an argument that a big check has to be written for a whole lot of other stuff.” The issue at hand is compensating the descendants of slaves. “So why wouldn’t you compensate people who were genuinely property, since under the Constitution we recompense people because we steal their property?”

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