Chinese resort supposedly forbids Tesla vehicles.

Chinese resort supposedly forbids Tesla vehicles.

Authorities are worried about the cameras on the vehicles gathering critical information, according to the media.

According to a local traffic police official quoted by Reuters on Monday, Tesla automobiles have been prohibited from Beidaihe, a beach resort in China west of Beijing that regularly serves as the location for the Chinese leadership’s annual summer vacations.

The text states that the prohibition will go into effect on July 1 and last for a minimum of two months. A ban is expected to be officially announced in the coming days, according to a source who spoke to Reuters.

It supposedly occurs before a summit of senior Chinese government figures, which is scheduled to take place in Beidaihe, a city renowned for its natural and historical attractions. The meeting’s dates, however, are typically kept a secret.

Several other parts of the country had already prohibited the entry of the US automaker’s vehicles. Before President Xi Jinping visited Chengdu in southwest China in early June, a similar choice was made there.

The Chinese military forbade its personnel from arriving at bases and housing compounds in Teslas in March 2021, citing worries that the cars’ built-in cameras would be collecting private information.

The Chinese government is concerned that Tesla vehicles fitted with cameras and sensors could be used to gather sensitive data and then pass it on to the US authorities.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, refuted suspicions of probable espionage last year.

“We would be shut down if Tesla utilized its vehicles to conduct espionage operations in China or anywhere else… There is a compelling reason for us to maintain our secrecy, Musk stated during the virtual meeting in March 2021. Tesla had vowed to keep the data it gathered in China there and claimed that the cameras it incorporates into its cars are only turned on in North America.

Compared to other automakers, Tesla vehicles have a lot more cameras. They employ several tiny cameras that are mounted on the outside of their cars to make parking, autopilot, and self-driving functions possible. The majority of models also have an internal camera that is installed above the rearview mirror to monitor the driver’s attention to the road.

When prompted by Reuters, Tesla declined to comment on the report.

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