Coal is becoming scarce in Poland.

Coal is becoming scarce in Poland.

Due to the Russian supply embargo, the nation is experiencing shortages.

According to Piotr Pyzik, deputy minister of state assets, Polish businesses have restricted the sale of coal in the nation after Russia’s shipments were barred.

He clarified that the nation’s demand for raw materials vastly outpaces its production. Companies have chosen to impose sales limitations to give as many consumers as possible fuel for the upcoming heating season, according to Pyzik.

He agreed that the country is in a terrible situation and that customers are having trouble buying coal.

Price speculation has also been sparked by the Russian coal ban. Even though the heating season has officially ended, Polish media reported large lines outside of coal depots due to high demand.

More than 100 vehicles are already parked in a line at the coal storage in Gorzyce Wielkie, according to the Onet site.

Due to the shortage, many homeowners have been compelled to pay significantly more than the official price of about 1,000 zlotys ($234) per tonne of coal, between 2,500 and 3,000 zlotys ($700–800).

For many years, Poland has been importing Russian coal, which makes up around 20% of domestic consumption. In 2020, Poland imported 9.4 million tonnes, the majority of which was used to heat individual homes. Additionally, the country imports more than 60% of the oil it refines as well as 50% of the gas it uses.

However, Warsaw has been urging a total ban on Russian energy since the commencement of the armed conflict in Ukraine. By the end of 2022, Warsaw said that it would stop importing any energy from Russia, including coal, gas, and oil.

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