Amazing, a strange love story in Bihar, a tea seller fell in love with four old men; The entry of the fifth caused an uproar

Amazing, a strange love story in Bihar, a tea seller fell in love with four old men; The entry of the fifth caused an uproar

This bizarre love story follows a 30-year-old tea-selling widow and her four former lovers. The harmony was so great that the rivalry ended for the benefit of the other. The love story of the five was progressing well, like standing water, while the entry of the fifth 75-year-old man happened about two months ago.

It became harder to propose!

He had to propose to him, and he also remembered the days of his youth when he had seen the constant meeting of four old men in the tea shop and the tea seller’s conversation with them.

His wife had passed away, so he decided to fill the void with the help of this tea seller. One day I told him what I thought I was going ahead of the crazy four and said now I want to spend the rest. my life with him. The tea seller didn’t mind the fifth madman either, when they were instigated they started coming and going to his house.

Conspiracy hatched to kill fifth lover

This started to annoy the four lovers, the tea seller started paying less attention to them. One day the four of them together told him that interference by this sixth out of five is not good, he needs to be taught a lesson, to see the most mad against one mad, the tea seller also agreed, he said it was fine, you take care of him On October 19, the Chaiwali Tripit called Sharma, the fifth maniac, to meet her in a desert. They also went to the counted place, weaving golden dreams in his mind where his four rivals were already present.

First there was a quarrel between them, nobody wanted to oppress anyone, meanwhile someone hit Satpit on the head with a brick, he fell down exhausted, he didn’t get up again.

Body recovered from water tank

As a result, his four fans, including the tea seller, took part in the murder. Working together, they first mutilated the body’s face with a brick so that it could no longer be identified, and then placed the body in the water tank of a house being built near Asthawan Polytechnic College. On the other hand, on October 21, the relatives of Tripit Sharma, a resident of Ashthawan Bazar, searched for him for two days. His body was recovered from the water tank in.

The police suspected the tea seller

Son Mithu Kumar filed a complaint the same day at Ashhawan Police Station for the murder of his father, the accused were unknown. For the police it was a blind case. He has never fought with anyone and has never been involved in a criminal case. The needle of suspicion circled the tea seller near the Polytechnic, where reports of frequent visits from Tripit Sharma were reported. The police hesitated to lay hands on the lonely widow without concrete evidence.

Tripit Sharma’s missing cell phone was the only source of clues. His mobile phone had disappeared since the murder, and the number was also given. However, the police had monitored this number along with the mobile phone’s IMEI number. also attached. When more than a month had passed after the incident, all of the defendants, including the tea seller, were sure they would not be caught.

The secret was revealed due to the woman’s mistake

One day, in a careless state, the tea seller turned on Tripit’s cell phone, so what was it? The police have confirmed the location. The police went to Chaiwali and threatened her, when she was severely interrogated, she collapsed.

His cell phone was seized and the full story of immoral lust murder at his age, encouragement and betrayal came to light. DSP said: saw the first such caseSadar DSP Dr.Shibli Nomani said that this is the first such case before him. The police team did a good job. Five suspects, including the woman, were arrested in the case. During interrogation, they all accepted the murder. by Tripit Sharma on October 19.

The defendants arrested include 30-year-old tea seller Pino Devi, 75-year-old Krishnanandan Prasad, a resident of Qutubchak under Barbigha Police Station, 60-year-old Suryamani Kumar, a resident of Ashhawan Village under Asthawan Police Station, Benaras Prasad aka Loha Singh, residents of Akbarpur Village and Vasudev Paswan, residents of Chabilapur Village under Manpur Police Station.

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