Dark and dystopian are this season’s hottest Kdrama trends.

Dark and dystopian are this season’s hottest Kdrama trends.

Dystopian television is the newest big thing, and several have already announced fresh seasons, thanks to Kdramas like Squid Game and Sweet Home becoming overnight successes.

Although rom-coms have historically dominated the Kdrama market, the romance genre has never actually been the only one available. There is something for everyone, from historical dramas to thrillers. However, there has been an unmistakable shift since the emergence of streaming culture, which is perhaps connected to the pandemic: the rise of South Korean shows with darker themes. People around the world may have been searching for an escape from the pandemic, but they were also likely tired of the unrelatable happiness of traditional love stories, which is why dystopian programmes found a huge audience. Additionally, the enormous global appeal of programmes like Squid Game and Sweet Home gave rise to another feature that was previously unusual for Kdramas: the idea of seasons. Several hit the market in only the previous few months.

The second season of Squid Game, the dystopian Kdrama genre’s largest global success story, has been approved. The fatal competition on the world-record-breaking show features a cash award for the final survivor. The Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun) and Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae), as well as maybe Gong Yoo, will return for season 2, while new characters include the killer doll’s “lover.” However, there will probably be a long wait since season 2 might debut as early as late 2023, according to writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk in an interview with Vanity Fair.

This popular programme has been renewed for not just one, but two more seasons! This action-packed programme is set in a world where people occasionally personify their own evil by turning into monsters. Along with actors Lee Jin-uk, Lee Si-young, and Lee Do-hyun, Song Kang will make a comeback to host the post-apocalyptic show. Actor in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay Oh Jung-se will be one of the brand-new cast members. The upcoming seasons will likely follow the survivors as they flee the monster-infested structure and the military’s preparations for the infected, as anticipated by viewers.

Hellbound is a dark fantasy (or horror, depending on who you ask) drama starring actor Yoo Ah-in. It takes place in a universe where demons summon sinners to hell in advance. The first season, which starred Park Jeong-min and Kim Hyun-joo in crucial roles, was brief yet dramatic and compelling. The cliffhanger from the final episode will probably be addressed in the upcoming season. The online series, which is directed by Train To Busan, is anticipated to receive a new season as well, according to Yonhap. Cast or a timeline have not yet been revealed.

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