Decisive decision | According to Biden, he’ll make “the decision soon.”

Decisive decision | According to Biden, he’ll make “the decision soon.”

FLORIDA’S FORT LAUDERDALE — Joe Biden said he is “a lot closer” to deciding to run for president in 2020 and that he hopes to make “the choice shortly” as he carried his not-yet-a-campaign to Florida’s largest liberal stronghold on Tuesday.

At the Broward Center for the Performing Arts “An Evening with Vice President Joe Biden” event, which attracted so many people that Biden claimed even his daughter asked about 2020, Biden spoke about his plans during the question-and-answer period.

Are we fleeing, Dad? Biden claimed she questioned him as they entered.

The crowd heard Biden respond, “The answer is that I’m setting the traps on this. I’m not trying to set myself up for a fool’s errand. We’ll decide shortly, and I’m a lot closer than I was before Christmas.

The address on Tuesday, one in a series of public appearances by Biden, was rhetorically identical to one given by a Democratic contender for office. He took sure to highlight his commitment to civil rights by telling anecdotes about how, as a young person, and later as a congressman, he opposed segregation. He mentioned in passing that he “voted with labor” unions virtually often. He praised the treatment that women in the U.S. Senate receive Compared to the men, women get along better. He also highlighted how he was the first official Obama administration proponent of gay marriage.

Biden said, “I evolved a helluva long time ago.”

But unlike some of his party’s other candidates for the White House, Biden avoided mentioning President Donald Trump by name. Additionally, he made care to address Obama as “Barack.”

Obama is not the president, according to Biden, since he doesn’t want to be confused with the other man.

Biden advocated bipartisanship, which is uncommon in Washington as well as during a presidential primary, in line with his other addresses. Biden, 76, claimed that when he first joined the Senate at the age of 29, he discovered the importance of members cooperating. That sentiment, according to him, started to shift in the middle of the 1990s under Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich and a group of conservatives who were so rabid that Sen. John McCain called them the “Khmer Rouge.”

Without a consensus, not a single thing could happen, Biden emphasized. “And when you don’t, we see that today: Power accrues to the president, who may abuse it,” the speaker continued.

Biden was in the most Democratic-friendly territory in Florida when he spoke in Broward County. The second-most populous county in the state is a slaughterhouse for Republicans and helps make up for Democratic losses in the state’s rural and northern regions. Because Hillary Clinton rolled up such a sizable lead in Broward, which she carried by a margin of over 293,000 votes or 35 points, Trump won Florida by fewer than 113,000 votes or 1.2 percentage points.

However, winning Florida’s metropolitan counties hasn’t been sufficient for Democrats to win the top spot in the last three elections. And other Democrats, even those who support Biden, argue that their nominee needs to appeal to more voters overall, particularly white working-class voters, a point that Biden quietly hinted to on Tuesday by mentioning that Obama picked him. to carry “Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Florida” as his running mate in 2008.

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