Disney and Sony Pictures stop releasing movies in Russia

Disney and Sony Pictures stop releasing movies in Russia

We are delaying the distribution of theatrical motion pictures in Russia due to the aggressive invasion of Ukraine and the awful humanitarian crisis, according to Disney.

After Moscow attacks Ukraine, Disney and Sony Pictures stated separately on Monday that they would no longer be releasing their movies in Russian theatres. It follows the lead of other significant businesses that have decided to leave the nation since President Vladimir Putin started the invasion last week. The next Pixar movie Turning Red will not be released in theatres in Russia, according to Disney, because of the unwarranted invasion of Ukraine and the awful humanitarian disaster.

The US entertainment behemoth stated, “We will base future business decisions on the unfolding scenario.”

“We are working with our NGO partners to provide critical aid and other humanitarian support to refugees in the interim given the size of the rising refugee crisis.”

Additionally, Sony Pictures said that it will postpone all of its next film Morbius’ scheduled Russian theatrical releases.

According to a statement from the corporation, this is because of “the ongoing military activity in Ukraine and the accompanying instability and the humanitarian situation occurring in that region.”

We pray for a speedy resolution to the problem and are thinking of everyone who has been affected.

In recent days, some global corporations have already cut ties with Russia. On Monday, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft took action to restrict the spread of news from sources connected to the Russian government.

A more dramatic move was made by the British oil companies BP and Shell, who declared that they were selling off their stakes in partnerships with Russian energy companies.

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