Dna test | Warren addresses the issue of whether the DNA test was inaccurate.

Dna test | Warren addresses the issue of whether the DNA test was inaccurate.

Iowa’s SIOUX CITY — Sen. Elizabeth Warren had to immediately address a problem that threatened to follow her throughout her presidential campaign: her claims of Native American ancestry while on her first official visit through this crucial state.

On Saturday, a spectator questioned Warren in the opening remarks about why she underwent DNA testing the previous year and provided the president with “fodder to be a bully.”

I can’t stop Donald Trump from doing what he’s going to do, Warren responded, directing at least some of her response on the president. I am powerless to stop him from using racial slurs. I lack the authority to take that action.

To respond to concerns about her earlier claims of Native American ancestry, Warren published a video and the results of a DNA test in October, just weeks before the midterm elections. However, the decision was viewed as a political blunder, and she received criticism for appearing to encourage Trump to refer to her as “Pocahontas” in his taunting.

Warren gave some of her most clear comments regarding her camp’s October decision in her response to the question in Iowa.

I don’t identify as someone of color. I’m not a tribal member. Ancestry and tribal citizenship are extremely different. Tribes alone, and I recognize that distinction, determine tribal citizenship. I was up in Oklahoma, and like many people there, we

“The Republicans homed in on this aspect of my history and thought they could make a lot of hay out of it, there were a lot of racist insults and a lot of terrible stuff that went on when I first ran for public office, the first time was in 2012,” she continued. “So I made the decision that we should just make everything public.”

Warren is currently traveling in the first presidential caucus state as part of a three-day trip. Her campaign claims that 575 people attended her Sioux City rally, which was hosted at the Orpheum Theatre.

Warren officially announced her intention to run for president on Monday, making her the most well-known Democratic candidate to do so for the 2020 election.

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