Dnc convention | Democratic convention host committee suffers from layoffs

Dnc convention | Democratic convention host committee suffers from layoffs

The staff reductions follow the Democrats’ convention being postponed this summer due to the coronavirus.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the host committee for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee stated on Thursday that it had reduced the size of its workforce by more than half.

The Democratic National Convention Committee’s (DNCC) CEO, Joe Solmonese, stated in a statement, “We are committed to doing everything we can to support the employees who are transitioning as the Host Committee makes adjustments to continue their critical work in light of this unprecedented global pandemic.”

Of the committee’s 31 employees, just 14 will remain. According to the host committee, six people have been sacked but will still have access to medical treatment during August. The remaining 11 people have been offered positions as party organizers or with the DNCC, the other committee in charge of convention organizing. While the DNCC is in charge of running the convention itself, the Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee was tasked with fundraising, community involvement, city-focused activities, and securing venues.

After moving the convention from mid-July to mid-August in the hopes that the coronavirus outbreak could have subsided by then, leading Democrats have grown increasingly doubtful that the Democratic Party will be able to hold a traditional conference this year.

The former governor of Virginia and DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe remarked on Wednesday that while “it’s possible” that there would be a convention, “I think it’s probably most improbable that we have one”

Joe Biden, the presumed nominee, has said he would want to see some form of convention, stressing that the nation has upheld the custom even during previous crises.

“We ought to be able to have Democratic and Republican conventions, primaries, and elections and still have public safety,” Biden said to MSNBC on March 31. “We were able to do it in the middle of a Civil War through to World War II.” And we can accomplish both. But the truth is that things might need to change.

According to the Republican National Committee, work for the GOP convention is still moving along at full speed despite no staff reductions. The week following the Democrats’ convention, on August 24, they will have their convention in Charlotte.

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