Donald calling | GOP Representative Mooney wants to denounce legislators who urge Trump to submit.

Donald calling | GOP Representative Mooney wants to denounce legislators who urge Trump to submit.

He tweeted, “I ask my House GOP Conference colleagues to join me in conveying a strong, united message of support.

As the most recent illustration of how Trump’s Hill allies are anxious to demonstrate their devotion to the president, Rep. Alex Mooney on Tuesday submitted a resolution to publicly condemn any members who call on Donald Trump to concede “prematurely” from the presidential election despite losing.

The resolution was proposed by the West Virginia Republican, a leader of the House Freedom Caucus and a staunch conservative, during an exclusive GOP conference call. There is no necessity that the resolution is put to a vote in the conference, hence it had little prospect of passing and was sent to committee.

Tuesday morning, Mooney tweeted, “I call on my Republican colleagues in the House GOP Conference to join me in conveying a strong, united expression of support for President @realDonaldTrump.” “No Republican member should call for President Trump to resign before these inquiries are finished,” the statement reads.

Mooney’s resolution comes after Trump wanted to view The Washington Post’s list of 25 Republicans who have acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect. It would also reaffirm the House GOP’s support for “Trump’s efforts to investigate and punish election fraud.”

“25, wow! The sheer number of them surprises me. Trump tweeted over the weekend, “We are just getting started in the battle. “Send me a list of the 25 RINOS, please. I try to avoid reading the Washington Post Fake News! ”

Mooney’s resolution may greatly impress Trump and conservatives in West Virginia, which will have a new congressional district in 2022. The three House seats in the state would probably be reduced to two, which would have an effect on Mooney’s district in the state’s center.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, one of the few Republicans who has been prepared to contest Trump’s phony claims of voting fraud, was among others on the call who opposed Mooney’s effort.

Trump’s biggest allies on Capitol Hill have been hurrying to show their support for the president as his legal challenges have been faltering and battleground states have been certifying Biden’s victory — and the president has been taking note.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), who has said he wants to contest Vice President Biden’s Electoral College votes when they are officially validated by Congress on January 6, received praise from President Trump last week.

Even though several other Republican House members have indicated they will also object to the voting process, the unlikely endeavor won’t even begin without a Senate sponsor. Even then, it would be practically difficult for Trump to change the outcome of the congressional election.

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