Elizabeth warren | Unions join Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign

Elizabeth warren | Unions join Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign

According to a representative of the campaign, staffers for Sen. Elizabeth Warren have chosen to unionize.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2320 in Manchester, New Hampshire, will be in charge of representing the campaign workers. When IBEW brought up the concept of a union this week, the Warren campaign had no objections and swiftly provided a list of employees it believed belonged in the bargaining unit.

The IBEW Local 2320 business manager, Steven Soule, told POLITICO in an interview that “they were quite amenable to the notion.”

In addition to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), former HUD Secretary Julián Castro, and Rep. Eric Swalwell, Warren’s campaign team is the fourth to unionize (D-Calif.).

The informal “card check” method, which is less time-consuming than a secret-ballot election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, which managers can mandate under labor law, was used by all four campaigns to allow their campaign staff to unionize to organize.

The collective bargaining deal that Sanders’ staff ratified last month boosts the amount of vacation time from 10 to 20 days annually, includes breaks that are required, and places a pay cap on managers that is equivalent to the wages of unionized workers.

A recent development that has only recently spread to a few state and municipal elections is the unionization of presidential campaigns. More than 20 Democratic campaigns for the 2018 midterm elections as well as numerous state parties unionized under the Campaign Workers Guild and other well-known unions.

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