Emergency plans | EU makes emergency preparations to function without Russian energy

Emergency plans | EU makes emergency preparations to function without Russian energy

The executive branch of the European Union has promised to create an emergency plan to assist member nations to cope without Russian energy in the wake of the Kremlin’s conflict in Ukraine.

(AP) PRAGUE — The executive branch of the European Union announced on Friday that it will create an emergency plan this month to assist members to cope without Russian energy in the wake of Moscow’s conflict in Ukraine.

The plan, according to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, would build on EU efforts to abandon Russian coal, oil, and natural gas and will support efforts made across the bloc to hasten the growth of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.

To kick off the Czech Republic’s six-month term as the rotating EU chair, von der Leyen declared in the Czech town of Litomysl, “We are drafting emergency measures for Europe.” “The cost of energy is considerable. People want us to act on it, and with good reason.

She stated that the contingency plan, which is due in mid-July, would concentrate on two key aspects, including having a “clear concept” of where to reduce the supply of Russian energy and doing it “in a wise way,” as well as rallying support for EU nations experiencing supply shortages.

Von der Leyen stated, “We need a good, shared strategy that the energy flows, or the gas flows, where it is required most.

She added that the strategy would be created in consultation with the Czech government, whose prime minister emphasized the political demand for action present throughout the EU.

Together with von der Leyen, Premier Petr Fiala declared, “Energy prices are suffocating our economy.” This will be the largest test we face shortly.

Amid Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, the commission unveiled the REPowerEU plan in May. It calls for an almost $300 billion ($312 billion) package that includes more effective fuel use and a quicker rollout of renewable energy sources.

The next stage is to make the 300 billion euros associated with REPpowerEU available to the EU member states, so naturally, we expect your presidency to quickly reach an agreement on the approval of the REPowerEU legislation, von der Leyen said to the Czech premier.

The 27 EU nations are to begin weaning themselves off of Russian fossil fuels this year with the assistance of this financial plan. The objective is to boost EU climate policy while depriving Russia, the EU’s primary source of oil, natural gas, and coal, of tens of billions in money.

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