Energy survey | Greeks cut back on meals to pay for energy, according to a poll

Energy survey | Greeks cut back on meals to pay for energy, according to a poll

Due to growing energy prices, seven out of 10 Greeks are being compelled to buy less food.

According to a poll conducted by the General Confederation of Greek Workers and the Labor Institute, an increasing proportion of Greeks are reducing their dietary intake in order to pay their taxes and energy bills.

Twenty percent of respondents said they were spending “much less” or “less” on basic food items as a result of rising prices, while fifty one percent said they were spending “less,” a quarter said their spending habits had changed “little,” and only four percent said their circumstances had not changed at all.

The majority of respondents stated that they have changed their spending patterns as a result of having to pay more for electricity. A whopping 47% of respondents indicated they anticipated

The authors of the poll conclude that “after years of austerity, the Greek economy and society are facing a fresh wave of price hikes and revaluation of essential items, and stagnating salaries threaten the buying power of many households and socioeconomic groupings.”

They contend that only government action—such as raising the minimum wage, lowering excise taxes on food and energy, and levying a tax on energy firms’ excess profits—can address the nation’s cost-of-living issue.

The Greek government began concludedsubsidizingsubsidizing people fifty subsidizingpeople’s energy expenses last year, and it does subsidize so now. It promised last month to pay around €2 billion ($1.98 billion) to partially or fully subsidise rising electricity prices in September.

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