Epstein victims are upset by Prince Andrew’s “public rehabilitation,” according to the media.

Epstein victims are upset by Prince Andrew’s “public rehabilitation,” according to the media.

The Duke of York, according to sexual assault victims, ought to have mourned his mother’s passing privately.

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s victims’ attorneys told The Independent that their clients are shocked and angry that Prince Andrew has returned to the spotlight since the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Epstein was friends with the British royal, who has also been accused of abusing children.

Earlier this year, after Andrew Giuffre resolved a legal complaint with Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of sexually assaulting her while she was still a juvenile in 2001, he lost his royal patronages and honorary military titles. Following the settlement, Andrew withdrew from the public eye, but with the passing of his mother, the disgraced royal has made a comeback, participating in the Queen’s funeral procession and keeping vigil at her casket in Westminster Hall.

According to Spencer Kevin, a Florida-based attorney who is representing nine of Epstein’s victims, “For the victims that are involved, seeing him in these types of public appearances and being praised by the public, it’s frustrating to them,” he told The Independent.

Kevin asserted that the Duke of York ought to have grieved privately rather than trying to “rehabilitate his image in the public” and speculated that Andrew might be doing so. Up to a dozen of Epstein’s victims were represented by New York-based attorney Mariann Wang, who concurred and referred to Andrew’s public appearance as “very outrageous.”

Not everyone is pleased with Andrew’s recent public appearances, including Epstein’s victims. Last weekend, a young man was detained after calling the prince a “sick old man” as the Queen’s funeral cortege passed through Edinburgh.

Epstein and Andrew were pals, and the British monarch acknowledged visiting Epstein’s homes even after the American investor was imprisoned in 2008 for attempting to procure a minor for prostitution. Epstein was detained once more in 2019 on suspicion of sexually assaulting numerous minor girls, but he passed away in his Manhattan jail cell before he could go to trial. He was officially declared dead by suicide.

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