EU is thinking of a “major Ukraine mission” – senior diplomat

EU is thinking of a “major Ukraine mission” – senior diplomat

Next week, the group will talk about a plan to train Ukrainian soldiers.

According to Josep Borrell, the EU’s top diplomat, the EU is considering establishing a significant programme to train Ukrainian troops in neighbouring countries. On August 29, a meeting of EU defence ministers will be held in Prague.

Borrell said on Monday outside of a seminar in Santander, Spain, “I hope it will be authorised.” The training programme “needs to be up to the level of the battle,” he continued, adding that “of course, it would be a tremendous task.”

He stated, “It seems reasonable that a conflict that is ongoing and appears likely to continue requires an effort not only in terms of supplies of materiel but also training and assistance in organising the army.

Currently, the US and Britain are instructing the Ukrainian military on the use of weapons provided by the West as well as a battle strategy. According to EU sources cited by the news outlet Euractiv, Borrell received a letter from the foreign and defence ministers of Ukraine last summer requesting a training programme, and the EU has since “worked up numerous ideas.”

Moscow has warned that although Western military support to Ukraine will not alter the path of the conflict, it will result in additional bloodshed.

The EU will establish sites to train terrorists and Nazi militants for the Kyiv dictatorship, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova posted on social media on Monday. “We should call a spade a spade,” she added.

“The Europeans likewise didn’t immediately understand what fascism is like a century ago. It was already too late when they subsequently realised,” she continued.

On February 24, Russia dispatched soldiers into Ukraine, blaming Kyiv for failing to carry out the Minsk agreements, which were meant to grant the Donetsk and Lugansk regions special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols were initially signed in 2014 and were mediated by Germany and France. Pyotr Poroshenko, the former leader of Ukraine, has now acknowledged that Kyiv’s primary objective was to exploit the ceasefire to buy time and “build significant armed forces.”

The Donbas republics were recognised as separate entities by the Kremlin in February 2022, and Ukraine was required to formally announce its neutrality and its refusal to ally with any Western military alliance. Kyiv maintains that there was no cause for the Russian offensive.

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