Facebook ads | After banning Warren ads advocating for the dissolution of Facebook,

Facebook ads | After banning Warren ads advocating for the dissolution of Facebook,

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign ran multiple ads on Facebook that demanded the dissolution of Facebook and other internet firms. Facebook has since removed these ads.

However, when POLITICO reported on the takedown, the social network changed its mind, claiming that it intended to allow for “robust debate.”

The advertisements promoted Warren’s recently revealed plan to dissolve “anti-competitive” tech acquisitions, including Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram. They contained identical imagery and wording.

“Two corporations control a significant portion of our economy and democracy. “Facebook, Amazon, and Google,” the advertisements from Warren’s campaign on Friday said. We all employ them. But as they gained strength, they demolished rivals, made money off of our personal information, and tipped the balance in their favor.

“This ad was taken down because it violates Facebook’s advertising regulations,” said a message on each of the three advertisements.

The removal of the advertising was confirmed by a Facebook spokeswoman, who added that the company is working to restore them.

The representative stated, “We withdrew the advertising because they violated our policy prohibiting the use of our corporate brand.” “We are returning the ads to foster robust debate.”

By pointing to the removal as evidence that the firm has gotten out of control, Warren aimed at Facebook.

“Wondering why I believe Facebook has too much power? Let’s start with their capacity to end a discussion on whether Facebook has too much power, she wrote in a tweet. “I appreciate you restoring my posts. However, I favor a social media ecosystem where multiple censors coexist.

More than a dozen of Warren’s other Facebook advertisements promoting her tech idea favor were unaffected.

The Massachusetts Democrat has gone further than many of the other Democratic 2020 hopefuls in staking out a tough position toward Silicon Valley’s largest corporations.

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