fasting diet,  After overcoming breast cancer, Chhavi Mittal Discusses Chemotherapy Diets and Intermittent Fasting, food for fasting

fasting diet, After overcoming breast cancer, Chhavi Mittal Discusses Chemotherapy Diets and Intermittent Fasting, food for fasting

Actress-producer Chhavi Mittal, a breast cancer survivor, made a name for herself by sharing her recovery journey with the world by chronicling her pains and scars as well as sharing helpful tips that aided her in her fight to get back to her old life, including her life at the studio, her gym, and at home for her kids. She uses nutrition to try to keep herself cancer-free because a survivor’s diet radically changes and is crucial to their health.

She now makes an effort to spread out my meals, avoid eating anything that isn’t vegetarian, eat more vegetables, stay away from acidic foods, eat fresh foods, and avoid eating out. “I no longer consume any sugar or processed foods. I also practise intermittent fasting, which has been shown in studies on breast cancer survivors to be successful.” She does, however, stress out that every survivor will manage their disease differently and will need a customised eating plan after speaking with their oncologist and professional dietician. Furthermore, a balanced eating plan does not encourage giving up indulgences. In fact, she contends that with a little consideration, all of these may be tasty and reviving.

Getting the proper nourishment is essential throughout chemotherapy. The food you eat during this time gives you energy to fight off any illnesses that can complicate things in the future while also healing you from the side effects of the treatment. For this phase, Chhavi was instructed to consume a lot of fiber-, protein-, and healthy fat-rich meals. According to Mittal, avoid eating raw food because it may include bacteria that compromise your immune system. She continues to cook her fruits, vegetables, and greens instead of consuming them raw. In addition, she is rigorous about only consuming sugar that comes from natural sources (her wonderful snack, “softly sautéed banana toast,” is made by layering sliced bananas on top of stir-fried bread). She also calculated

You may occasionally have nausea, vomiting, and sore mouth during chemotherapy rounds. Because kokum is non-acidic, I frequently ate it and still do. I eat a lot of hemp seeds, which are frequently roasted, ground, and mixed with water. I also eat a lot of dates, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, and almonds. Additionally, she advises obtaining protein from organic sources. My go-to protein-rich foods are Greek yoghurt, almonds, seeds, hard-boiled eggs, fish, chicken, paneer, and broccoli since they give me energy and keep me strong. I’m consuming roasted gramme flour-based sattu pancakes, which are very strong in protein. According to Mittal, sattu blended with water makes a delicious protein smoothie. Eating small, frequently appears to be beneficial.

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