Gas news | German MP: Nord Stream 2 is the only rational response to the gas problem

Gas news | German MP: Nord Stream 2 is the only rational response to the gas problem

According to Steffen Kotre, Germany must adhere to a “fact-oriented approach” to address the gasoline shortage.

Steffen Kotre, a member of the Bundestag, told the TASS news agency on Wednesday that the opening of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline could aid in resolving the escalating energy crisis in Europe.

“There will be enough gas this winter, even if the storage facilities are full, for around three months. and what follows? A truly fact-based policy must take precedence over ideology. Launching Nord Stream 2 is the only sane course of action, according to Kotre, a member of the German parliamentary committee on energy and climate protection.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was finished last year but never put into operation because Berlin refused to certify it. The German government has claimed recently that there are no intentions to start the pipeline.

Many politicians have urged the Bundestag to reconsider its position and use the 55 billion cubic meters per year pipeline to help Germany deal with energy constraints brought on by decreased gas imports from Russia via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Due to technical difficulties and restrictions, the supply through the pipeline has lately decreased to 20% of its maximum capacity.

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