Gas news | Germany discloses its gas storage capacity

Gas news | Germany discloses its gas storage capacity

According to the energy authority, fuel reserves have been used up to their full potential.

The statutory threshold of 75% set for September 1 has been surpassed in Germany’s natural gas storage facilities, according to a report released on Tuesday by the nation’s Federal Network Agency.

“Germany’s gas supply is steady at the moment. For the time being, Germany’s energy security is assured, according to the assessment.

As the Nord Stream 1 pipeline gas flow is currently at roughly 20% of capacity, the regulator noted that “the situation is stressful, and further deterioration cannot be ruled out.”

The research warns that businesses and individual consumers “should brace themselves that gas costs will continue to rise severely.”

To guarantee that the nation has enough gas to get through the winter, Berlin previously required gas companies to fill underground gas storage tanks while keeping to a rigid schedule. According to the plan, storage must be 85% full by October 1 and 95% full by November 1. As the heating season is quickly approaching, experts question if the aim can be achieved.

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