Gavin recall| Poll: Jenner struggles to gain traction as opposition to Newsom’s recall grows.

Gavin recall| Poll: Jenner struggles to gain traction as opposition to Newsom’s recall grows.

The recall is opposed by almost 50% of survey respondents, while it is supported by 36%.

According to a poll issued on Tuesday morning, more Californians are opposed to the impending recall of Gavin Newsom, which is good news for the incumbent governor who has taken a lot of political beatings over the past year.

A little more than half (49%) of respondents said they opposed removing Newsom from his position, up from the equivalent response of 45% in January.

Only 36% of the registered voters surveyed in the study backed recalling Newsom, essentially the same as the previous poll. Both events were sponsored by the Los Angeles Times and hosted by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.

Between April 29 and May 5, 10,289 participants were questioned for the poll, which had a +/- 2 percentage point margin of error.

As Newsom makes some political progress and Democrats start to take the first gubernatorial recall since 2003, when Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced former Gov. Gray Davis, opposition to the recall has risen.

The state’s highly progressive tax system, pandemic-resistant IT industry, and a windfall of about $26 billion from the most recent federal rescue package have all helped to support the budget.

On Monday, Newsom stated that the state was anticipating an astounding $76 billion budget surplus, along with a plan to pay hundreds of millions of Californians their money back. Those checks might arrive just before voters are expected to cast their ballots on the recall issue.

That might be advantageous for Newsom, who has drawn criticism for his unmasking dinner with lobbyists at the upscale French Laundry, some of the nation’s longest Covid-19 school closures, and stringent closures of businesses and churches.

52 percent of respondents agreed with this statement, which is somewhat higher than in January but still much lower than Newsom’s high point from the previous year.

The poll also indicates that Republican Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign is not currently receiving much support from voters. Only 6% of respondents indicated they agreed with the notion of replacing Newsom with the former Olympic gold medalist-turned-reality personality.

The poll was taken after Jenner formally entered the crowded field on April 24. However, the first-time contender kept quiet for a few days following the initial excitement before recently appearing for two major network TV appearances, one each on Fox News and CNN.

In contrast, two other significant Republican contenders, businessman John Cox and former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer, each received support from around one-fifth of voters to succeed the current governor.

In California, Democrats outnumber Republicans in terms of voter registration, even though the GOP is counting on the passion of those who support the recall to help close some of that distance.

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