Gender questioning | Will a female challenger Donald Trump in 2020?A variant of the topic was.

Gender questioning | Will a female challenger Donald Trump in 2020?A variant of the topic was.

Will a female challenger Donald Trump in 2020?

A variant of the topic was posed to Kamala Harris during her first trip to Iowa for a CNN town hall.

Eventually, the California Democrat would provide her response. But the presidential candidate took the chance to first dive into what she sees as the most significant — and actual — contrasts between herself and Trump. This was one of many examples of her discipline on the campaign road.

Voters will base their decision on who they believe is telling the truth and who is doing it in a way that gives people dignity and elevates public discourse, rather than bringing the country to the lowest common denominator, said Harris, who is basing her campaign on the themes of truth and decency.

Regarding the initial query, the senator responded that she never paid attention to the naysayers, who were numerous when she ran for attorney general of California and district attorney in San Francisco.

“When I ran and ran as the first woman to win, I heard people remark, ‘People aren’t ready. Your time is not now. You are the first to accomplish it,’ Harris replied. “I haven’t listened, and I’d advise that no one should listen to that kind of discourse,” she said.

Regarding how she would debate Trump, Harris responded that she would “talk like a leader” as opposed to “inciting fear.”

A day after launching her campaign with a speech to more than 20,000 people in her hometown of Oakland, Harris made a stop in Des Moines. She gave glimpses of her strategy for winning over smaller crowds in the first caucus state during the town hall by repeating the names of questioners and approaching a young immigrant who inquired about a program that shields immigrants who were brought to the US as minors from deportation.

At the gathering, Harris defended her background in law enforcement and endorsed liberal viewpoints like the “Green New Deal,” which aims to combat economic injustice and climate change.

She was questioned by moderator Jake Tapper on whether her support for “Medicare for all” legislation would prevent those who prefer private insurance plans from keeping them.

Harris cited instances when patients were required to wait for insurance approvals even though their doctors thought they needed treatment.

Let’s get rid of everything, she said. “Let’s go,” I said.

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