Haley 2024 | Haley is seen as the “frontrunner” for the GOP candidacy in 2024.

Haley 2024 | Haley is seen as the “frontrunner” for the GOP candidacy in 2024.

The Dallas County Republican Party promotes the former UN ambassador’s electoral chances in a fundraising invitation.

Nikki Haley is ignoring inquiries about a potential run for president. She is nonetheless described as “the early leader for the 2024 GOP presidential candidacy” by the organizers of a planned event.

On Thursday, the Dallas County Republican Party sent out an invitation asking supporters to a fundraiser for the group on December 2 that will feature Haley as the featured guest. The subject line of the email, “Road to 2024,” draws attention to the interest she has attracted as a potential presidential contender.

The email stated, “Ex-U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is being labeled the early leader for the 2024 GOP presidential candidacy after the release of her book, With All Due Respect.” “Welcome Nikki Haley to Dallas on December 2 with the support of the Park Cities Republican Women and the Dallas County Republican Party.”

Participants are invited to contribute up to $25,000.

When contacted for reaction, Dallas County GOP Chairman Rodney Anderson claimed that Haley’s team had not given their approval for the invitation’s phrasing and that he had already apologized to them earlier in the day. He continued by saying that he was working with his team to change the invitation’s description.

It’s entirely my fault, he admitted. “She’s happy to come to help us raise money, but this is not about [2024],” I said.

Shortly after POLITICO contacted the county party, the invitation’s webpage was taken off.

Chaney Denton, a Haley spokesman, stated, “We did not encourage that, and we had no involvement in their choice of how to market the event.”

As she begins a statewide book tour, Haley, a former UN ambassador and governor of South Carolina, has carefully avoided inquiries about her plans for the country. Haley was cited as saying, “It would be a waste of time to speculate about 2024 at this moment,” during a recent visit to New York City.

In contrast, she said, “I want to do everything I do well now and just see if opportunities open.”

The 47-year-old Haley has started an independent political organization and started a national fundraising tour since leaving the administration a year ago. Her political activism has strained relations with Mike Pence’s advisors, who hold her responsible for persistent claims that she would unseat him in the 2020 election.

Haley has vehemently denied that she is interested in joining the 2020 presidential ticket and has stated that she backs Pence.

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