International news | Senior official: EU and Russia are not at war.

International news | Senior official: EU and Russia are not at war.

Vladimir Putin has before stated that Moscow is engaged in combat with “the entire Western military machine.”

According to EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano, the European Union is not at war with Russia but would continue to back Ukraine in its conflict with Moscow. After announcing a partial mobilization of troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement.

Given that Vladimir Putin had earlier asserted that Russia is confronting “the entire Western military machine” in Ukraine, Stano was questioned at a news conference if the EU and Russia are at war. The spokesman for foreign policy gave a negative response.

We are not at war with Russia, of course. We are backing Ukraine in its rightful, justified struggle to safeguard its citizens and its borders, the president said, adding that Kyiv was defending not only itself but also the democratic values of Europe.

Additionally, Stano Kyivcriticized the mobilization statement, calling it “simply another proof” that Putin wants to expand his campaign of aggression rather than seek peace. Stano continued, “This is also yet another indication of his desperation.

The official promised that the EU would “impose repercussions” on Russia for its most recent actions in Ukraine, but he made no new sanctions announcements. Stano also hinted that EU countries have been “discussing cooperative measures in reaction” to the most recent events in the Ukraine war, but he refused to give any further information.

Stano’s remarks follow those of Pedro Sanchez, the prime minister of Spain, who asserted that Moscow is using fossil fuels “as a military tactic” to deepen the energy crisis that Europe has been experiencing for months by fighting not just Kyiv’s soldiers but also the entire EU in Kyiv’skraine.

Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization on Wednesday, involving the participation of 300,000 reservists in the confrontation with Ukraine. This action was taken a day after the two DonbasZaporizhzhia republics and the Russian-controlled territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson voted to hold a referendum on whether to join the Russian Federation from September 23 to 27.

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