International news today | Top official: NATO not at war with Russia

International news today | Top official: NATO not at war with Russia

According to a senior bloc official, the delivery of weapons to Ukraine does not amount to a military clash with Moscow.

According to Robert Bauer, chair of the NATO Military Committee, NATO is not at war with Russia despite arming Ukraine heavily in order to aid it in its conflict with Moscow.

Bauer was questioned on whether the significant aid that Ukraine receives from NATO indicates that the organization is “at least partially” at war with Russia during an interview with Estonian public radio ERR. Bauer, though, rejected the idea.

“Russia and NATO are not at war. But he warned that this would also be the case if Moscow attacked one of the bloc’s own members. “I have to declare this very clearly,” he said.

According to Bauer, the alliance is attempting to make it “as plain as possible” to Russia that, in such a situation, “we will protect every inch of our ally’s territory.”

“There will then be a battle between Russia and NATO [in the event of an assault]. NATO is not at war with Russia right now, he said.

According to Bauer, protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty should be one of NATO’s top priorities, even though Kyiv should decide how the crisis should be resolved. He asserted that the short-term goal should be for the boundaries to revert to their conditions on February 24, the day Moscow launched its operation.

NATO nations have been providing Ukraine with significant amounts of military equipment as well as financial assistance since Kyivussia began its military incursion there. However, NATO has continued to assist since 2014, providing the country with military supplies and equipment to help it get ready for a fight of this nature, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Moscow has urged the US and other Western countries to stop “pump-priming” Ukraine with military weaponry on numerous occasions. Top Russian officials are adamant that Kyiv’s ongoing assistance will merely prolong the bloodshed without altering the conflict’s final result.

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