Italy politics | Draghi of Italy cautions the 5-Stars against making political demands.

Despite difficulties with the 5-Star Movement, Premier Mario Draghi claims that his government is still able to accomplish its goals.

(AP) ROME — Despite tensions with the 5-Star Movement, Premier Mario Draghi claimed Tuesday that his administration could continue to function. However, he cautioned that the coalition cannot continue to operate if coalition members issue demands.

After meeting with unions, Draghi briefed reporters on the government’s most recent initiatives to lessen the impact of skyrocketing inflation and rising energy prices on workers, families, and industries.

Following a lack of support demonstrated by 5-Star legislators’ decision to abstain from voting on a government bill in the lower Chamber of Deputies on Monday, Draghi met with the Italian president. On Thursday, the Senate will vote on the proposal, and speculation abounds as to whether the 5-Stars will also abstain in the upper chamber.

Draghi emphasized: “I have maintained there is no Draghi government other than the current one, and I have said there is no government without the 5-Stars.”

The 5-Star leadership has been protesting about government priorities for weeks, calling for more extensive financial assistance for households and companies hit hard by rising energy prices as well as continuous support for guaranteed monthly pay for those who are jobless.

Draghi claimed that the present government of national unity, which consists of right-, left-, and populist 5-Star parties, had handled the 5-Star “fibrillations” successfully and was still able to carry out its duties and accomplish its goals.

“These fibrillations are essential because they affect the government’s ability to function, but they become even more crucial if the government, even if it is still operating, is unable to do so,” he said. He emphasized that “a government doesn’t work with ultimatums” and cautioned against making any additional threats in the future.

In the years since the 2018 election, the 5-Stars Movement’s influence has decreased due to bad results in local and administrative elections, expulsions from Parliament, and legislator defections. The 5-Stars Movement was the largest party in Parliament at the time of the 2018 election.

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