Jennifer Grey, a star of Dirty Dancing, on getting nose jobs: “I Was No Longer Me”

After having a rhinoplasty, Jennifer Grey ran met star Michael Douglas, but he didn’t recognize her.

When Dirty Dancing was first released in 1987, no female in the world who saw it didn’t want to be Baby. Jennifer Grey, who won over a generation of moviegoers with her curly hair and prominent nose, played Baby Houseman, a little girl who goes on vacation with her family and falls in love with the resort’s dancing instructor. Jennifer’s distinctive nose from that era, which distinguished her from other young actors, is now long gone. She had rhinoplasty twice, something she has previously been upfront about. Jennifer Grey, who is now 62, discusses the nose jobs in both her new memoir and a People Magazine interview.

Jennifer Grey writes in her autobiography Out Of The Corner—a play on Patrick Swayze’s famous Dirty Dancing line, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”—that she ran into actor Michael Douglas after her second rhinoplasty and he didn’t recognize her. “I had never before ventured outside in public. And from one day to the next, the concept of being wholly invisible became the thing. In theIn the eyes of the world, I had changed.” The strange thing was the thing I opposed my entire life, and the thing I was so unhappy with my mother for always telling me I should do my nose, Jennifer said to People, adding that she had put off getting a nose job for a very long time. I genuinely believed it was giving in. I genuinely believed that it meant submitting to the enemy camp. I simply believed, “I’m good enough. This shouldn’t be required of me. I truly felt that way. I am attractive enough.

Jennifer underwent the rhinoplasties at her mother Jo Wilder’s suggestion. She disclosed to People that both of her parents had nose jobs, including her father Joel Grey, who received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the 1972 movie Cabaret. Both Jennifer’s parents are Jews. She was practical because she said, “Guess what? She loves me, and she always has. You are too difficult to cast. Facilitate their efforts. I eventually did, and she was correct. Not in the sense of “You’re not pretty.” As if to say, “Guess what? Okay if acting isn’t what you want to do. But if you want to act, you should…” But as a young child, I was vehemently opposed to rhinoplasty. It was like my religion, I mean. That my parents did it made me happy (had rhinoplasty). I believe that was the 1950s. They were integrating, I believe. I realized you had to change your name and take certain actions, but that was just usual, right? Gayness is impossible. A Jew cannot be a Jew. You can’t appear Jewish, you know. You’re only trying to conform to what the group think is, she said to People.

Jennifer Grey had already become well-known to viewers by the time of the 1987 publication of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, in which she portrayed Ferris’ patient sister Jeannie. When Jennifer was cast as Mindy in a 1995 episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., she already had a different appearance.

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