Latest | Lady Gaga’s performance is cancelled due to a lightning storm.

Latest | Lady Gaga’s performance is cancelled due to a lightning storm.

After a severe hurricane hit Florida, Lady Gaga had to cancel the final performance of her Chromatica Ball tour.

As the star’s performance neared its conclusion, lightning started to hit near Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

She instructed the 65,000 audience members to “very gently relocate to the inner area” as she said, “We simply had to halt the show for a minute.”

The show had to be cancelled even though she had believed the storm would pass.

Later, the celebrity apologised to her followers in a sad Instagram message.

Even when the rain stopped, lightning continued to strike directly down to the earth, so we were unable to complete the Miami performance.

The Miami Dolphins play their home games in the partially roofed Hard Rock Stadium.

Before the performance was called off, crowds of fans sung along to Gaga’s smash song Rain On Me while being startled by thunderclaps.

They eventually found their way back to their seats, but the concert’s organisers felt it was unsafe to continue.

Approximately six songs remained when Gaga announced the cancellation on stage, saying, “I don’t want to put your life in danger.”

Before taking her bow, she stated, “Get home safely, God bless you, and thank you for coming to the show.”

Attendees of the performance claimed that Gaga was “obviously unhappy” about the cancellation.

One user on Reddit commented, “It was strange and incredibly sad when she came out and told us to go home.” She was obviously heartbroken, as was evident.

The Hard Rock stadium tweeted the following statement: “The Lady Gaga performance tonight was interrupted at 10:50 p.m. due to bad weather, including included lighting, for the sake of fan safety. I appreciate your patience.”

Before stopping in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan, and North America, the Chromatica Ball tour started in Düsseldorf, Germany, in July.

The play, which included the songs Bad Romance, Poker Face, Born This Way, Edge of Glory, and Stupid Love, has received high praise for fusing dramatic set pieces with a continuous story about overcoming trauma.

It was a “hit-stacked presentation that also forges an intimate human connection,” according to The Guardian, and “a reminder that she’s one of the greatest living musical performers,” according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The tour was limited to 20 performances, with several days off in between to help Gaga manage her fibromyalgia.

Her previous global tour’s final 10 performances in 2018 were cancelled due to the condition, which frequently causes her significant agony.

After the Miami event, she wrote on Instagram, “It took so much in my heart to come back to a position where I could perform and be healthy.

“I opted not to finish the performance in part because I am in good health. It’s the right choice for me as well as for all of you. I’ll see you again on stage because I adore you.”

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