Latest | Mel C says that before to the Spice Girls’ debut performance, she was sexually assaulted

Latest | Mel C says that before to the Spice Girls’ debut performance, she was sexually assaulted

The Spice Girls’ first-ever concert in 1997 was the night before Melanie C confessed she had been sexually abused.

The celebrity claimed that the incident occurred during a hotel massage in Turkey while speaking on novelist Elizabeth Day’s podcast.

“I felt abused. I was very exposed. I was humiliated, “She spoke.

“I then started to wonder if I was doing this correctly. I was in a setting where it was OK to remove your clothing around this professional.”

The singer, whose real name is Melanie Chisholm, claimed she immediately “buried” the incident to concentrate on the Spice Girls’ live performance.

She continued by saying that because the assault had not been processed at the time, it had been “hidden for years and years and years.”

The memories didn’t start to surface until she began writing her memoir, Who I Am.

“I either kind of woke up with it in my thoughts or it occurred to me in a dream. I was shocked to realize that I had never considered including that in the book.

Then, of course, I had to consider whether I should divulge this. And I suddenly realized that saying it and dealing with it and processing it is both incredibly crucial for me.

The celebrity called the experience a “minor version” of sexual assault and claimed she felt compelled to expose the specifics after experiencing its effects.

“It has an impact on me. However, I had buried it, as I’m sure many others had as well.

The singer also discussed the effects of her parent’s divorce and the eating disorder she acquired while a member of the Spice Girls in the interview for the How To Fail podcast.

To be in this band and a pop star, she says, “I had this image of what I had to be.” “I started cutting out entire food groups, becoming very selective about what I ate, and increasing my activity to the point where it became quite compulsive.

That persisted for years. My weight loss was so extreme that I had anorexia and my periods ceased. I’ve always wanted to have children, but I felt powerless to stop this condition from endangering my fertility.

I felt powerless to stop it since it was such a compulsion.

She claimed to be “extremely proud” of herself, nevertheless, for overcoming her eating issue and giving birth to her daughter Scarlett in 2009.

On Friday, September 15, Chisholm will release Who I Am, a song that has the same name as her upcoming single from 2020.

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