Latest news | Biden: I accept “responsibility” for Anita Hill’s care

Latest news | Biden: I accept “responsibility” for Anita Hill’s care

On Monday, former vice president Joe Biden admitted that he bears “responsibility” for how Anita Hill was treated at the 1991 confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The remarks made by the Democratic presidential contender were his most recent attempts to respond to criticism of the way he handled the hearing, in which Hill, a young African American law professor, was subjected to tough questioning by a male-only, all-white Senate Judiciary Committee.

In an interview that will run on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Biden stated, “I believed her from the very beginning, but I was chairman.” She was not given a fair trial. She received poor treatment. My responsibility is that.

In the four days after Biden formally declared his candidacy, the former vice president has been asked several questions about Hill and has responded in a variety of ways. Biden expressed regret that Hill received the treatment she got in an interview with “The View” last Friday, but he refrained from taking personal responsibility for how the hearing was conducted.

“Look, there were numerous errors committed by everyone. For that, I’m sorry. Biden acknowledged on “The View” that we should have handled it better. “I have always trusted Dr. Hill.”

Early on, questions about Hill and complaints from women that the former vice president made them feel uncomfortable with his too cordial touching caused problems for the Biden campaign. Biden has been questioned about his suitability as a 2020 presidential candidate in light of the MeToo movement and a progressive drive inside the Democratic Party in an era where the field of candidates is largely young and diverse.

Last week, Hill told the New York Times that Biden had just called to personally apologize for how she had been treated during the hearing. Hill claimed that the encounter left her feeling unsatisfied.

Hill remarked in the interview, “I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I’m sorry for what happened to you. I’ll be content when I I am aware of genuine change, genuine accountability, and genuine purpose.

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