Latest news | For prospective parents, music classes are given in Gateshead.

Latest news | For prospective parents, music classes are given in Gateshead.

Before they even have children, prospective parents are told the advantages that music has for families.

The classes at Sage Gateshead demonstrate how music may support brain development and family communication for those who are expecting, planning for, or considering adoption.

According to the teachers, it provided an opportunity for people to connect with others going through similar experiences.

The location already offers lessons for infants and kids.

Eleanor Mooney, the course director, said: “There is something about music that is inherent and strong, and we want to start introductions to it from an early age.”

She claimed that in addition to developing some “lifesaving playlists,” the I Got You Babe program would examine the principles and advantages of making music with young children.

Many of the family programs at the location went online during the epidemic, but since then, administrators have wanted to add new sessions. Early childhood music consultant Nicola Burke said she had never heard of a training like this for prospective parents and caregivers but that it was “wonderful” because it offered “an understanding which can be embraced once a parent.”

Perhaps it would be more accurate to see music as sound and how important sound is for communication, she suggested.

“If we consider how adults talk to kids, especially babies, we use playful voices. The communication is through music.”

Later this month, the five-week course will begin.

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